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The Ronin Shotokan Karate-Do & Fitness Studio combines a fun, positive training environment with expert instruction for children of all ages and teens. Our junior Karate classes help children and teens develop coordination, confidence, self-discipline, and respect for authority. Karate has many benefits for children. With childhood obesity becoming more common and cases of childhood diabetes at a record high, the importance of physical activity must not be ignored.

  • Self-Confidence:

    With encouragement and support from expert instructors and parents, students learn to rise to the occasion when faced with challenges.

  • Etiquette:

    Through the traditions of Karate training, children learn to behave with courtesy and respect for others, including their instructors, fellow students, and parents. We also work to develop their sense of social responsibility.

  • Discipline/Concentration:

    Children react well to structure and discipline and quickly develop self-discipline. Concentration is enhanced as they focus on their goals. Many parents notice a marked improvement in their child’s concentration.

  • Fun

    We also try to create an atmosphere of fun for the kids as well as their parents while staying focused on our objectives.


Karate training develops skills, awareness, and attitude that extend to daily life. These include self-awareness, self-discipline, concentration, determination and emotional control.

  • Body:

    Improves stamina, strength, and overall physical health and fitness.

  • Spirit:

    Builds a strong, confident, and determined character.

  • Mind:

    Strengthens a positive mental attitude and a sense of accomplishment.